Baby Back Pork Ribs (500g)


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Product Description

Quality control at Nifeislife has become our mantra. We source all of our meat from one of the finest producers in the UK, HG Walter. We have tried and tested a lot of cuts and qualities and we believe in our suppliers and we like the "family" touch of HG Walter as they prepare, cut, wrap and pack their meats every day freshly for us and for you. Their pig farmer Hugh Norris consistently delivers the finest quality pork from pigs that enjoy a natural free-range life. The combination of traditional slow-growing breeds, a healthy outdoor lifestyle and safe nutritious food produces fine succulent pork with a superior flavour.

Back ribs originate from the blade and center section of the pork loin, which is known for the "finger meat" between the bones. Back ribs also are referred to as "baby" back ribs because they are smaller than spareribs. 250g of baby back ribs serves un to 2 peoples. When it comes to good health and good eating, pork gets top marks! Pork contains many of the nutrients recommended by many Health Organisations to build and maintain a healthy body, including six essential vitamins, four important minerals, protein and energy.. HOW TO PRESERVE:
All our meats are cut in the morning and then sent directly to you. Preserve in the fridge up to 3 days. Suitable for freezing.

Ribs are commonly prepared with either "wet" or "dry" rub. Dry rubs consist of a mixture of herbs and spices, and such rubs can be applied just before barbecuing or grilling. Ribs basted with sauces during the grilling process are called wet ribs. For best results, brush ribs generously during the last 30 minutes of cooking to prevent burning.

Choose the pork ribs if you want to get your hands dirty. Always add an Italian touch and serves with a fresh tomatoes and basil salad!