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    Caputo Flour 0 Nuvola (1kg)

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    he Mulino Caputo has conducted research and development resulting in the creation of ‘Nuvola,’ a flour that is made from carefully selected, 100% natural raw materials. This flour guarantees volume and softness of the dough due to the high fermentative capacity naturally present in the grains. The name ‘Nuvola,’ meaning ‘cloud’ in Italian, was chosen to reflect the flour's ability to create a light dough with large hollow bubbles.

    It is worth noting that all of Caputo's flours, including Nuvola, are free of additives and preservatives. So, if you prefer a pizza with a light and airy texture, Nuvola flour is the perfect choice.

    Mulino Caputo, the producer of Nuvola flour, is a mill located in Naples, Italy. The company was founded in 1924 by Carmine Caputo upon his return to Italy from the USA. The three core values of Mulino Caputo are authority, spontaneity, and tradition, which have ensured high standards of quality for three generations.

    By using the Caputo Method, the company selects and mixes only the best wheat and follows a slow grinding process to produce supreme quality flours that preserve the starch, organoleptic properties, and most importantly, the authentic flavor. Additionally, Mulino Caputo does not use artificial enzymes or additives, ensuring their products are incredibly natural.

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    Ideal for light pizza with large hollow bubbles

    wheat flour


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    Caputo Flour 0 Nuvola (1kg)

    VAT included

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