Barilla Mini Fusilli Piccolini (500g)



Product Description

Fusilli originated in the South of Italy and were created from the idea of rolling spaghetti around a knitting-needle. Then, according to the taste and traditions of the different Italian regions, their shape evolved in thousands of variations, all joined together by the characteristic spiral shape. Barilla has recreated this traditional shape in miniature, maintaining all its unique features. Small in shape but full of flavour, Mini Fusilli will be loved by the whole family, and add a creativite touch to your favourite pasta dish.

Mini Fusilli are recognised for their shape: three small wings harmoniously twisted on themselves, in a joyful spiral shape. Thanks to Barilla's experience in selecting the best durum wheat and the care in all processing phasis, Mini Fusilli offer a taste enjoyed by both adults and kids. Their particular shape holds within the spirals both the simpliest and more elaborated sauces, valorising every dish. Everything comes out a wonder with the joyful and extrovert Mini Fusilli.


How to use