Barilla Mini Penne Rigate Piccolini (500g)



Product Description

The Mini Penne Rigate, made with only the best durum wheat semolina and water, are able with great ability to mix the taste of the pasta sauces also by nature more "mischievous".
Their shape, designed to better adapt to different preparations, the Mini Penne makes a pasta shape ideal to combine with all the condiments, in particular with ingredients cut in small pieces, which are imprisoned within their openings, such as pasta salads or early summer dishes. Do not disdain but also creamy sauces or tomato based, collected by the ingenious outer lining. Suggests little ones enjoy them with a delicate salmon cream enriched with leek and tomatoes, or with turkey, peas, cherry tomatoes and leeks for a fresh and pleasant.

For 3yo+ children.