Box baby



Product Description

Our boxes contain a selection of items based on our current availability of products. You will receive a variety of different foods in your box to feed your babies. A typical box may include:

  • 3 Plasmon veal meal puree (2x80gr)
  • 3 Plasmon chicken meal puree( 2x80gr)
  • 3 Plasmon beef meal puree (2x80gr)
  • 3 Plasmon pennette small pasta (340gr)
  • 3 Plasmon stelline pasta ( 340gr)
  • 1 Plasmon classic biscuits (720gr)
  • 3 Plasmon trout fillet with vegetable meal puree (2x80gr)
  • 3 Plasmon pear yogurt puree (2x120gr)
  • 3 Plasmon apple puree (2x104gr)
  • 2 Plasmon 4 fruits meal puree (2x104gr)
All Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. The packages and labels of the products may vary.