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    Pinsa Romana (2x230g)

    VAT included

    Pinsa Romana is a culinary product similar to traditional Pizza for its use and consumption but different for the making techniques. Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere” which in Italian language means to stretch, to spread.
    This mouthwatering Pinsa is characterized by a crunchy outside with a soft inside, artisan hand-stretched oval shape.

    Leavening for 72 hours, the pinsa will give you all the taste of a classic pizza with a lighter consistency

    Hand made in Rome  ✅ 

    Sourdough pinsa ✅

    Vegan ✅

    85 % less fat than pizza ✅

    48% less sugar than pizza ✅

    33% less calories than pizza  ✅

    36 % less gluten than pizza  ✅

    72 hours leavening ✅

    Pinsa dose not contain additives, preservatives, saturated fats.

    Water, Corn Starch, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Maltodextrin, Pea proteins, Quinoa flour, Dried rice soudrough, Vegetal Fibers, idroxypropyl methyl,, cellulose, potato starch, salt, yeast.


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    Pinsa Romana (2x230g)

    VAT included

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