De Cecco Spaghetti n. 12 Wholemeal Pasta (500)



Product Description

All the De Cecco wholemeal pasta is made according to the original De Cecco system.
De Cecco follows his own special method to obtain the wheat meal and use the low temperature desiccation to preserve all the fiber proprieties, mingling to the sweet fragrance of the wheat and thus straight onto your table.

The popular Spaghetti format was born in Southern Italy and in those towns where the pasta making concentrated: Naples, Genoa and Liguria in general. The Spaghetto is the typical long rod pasta format with a round section with a diameter varying from 1,92 and 2 mm.

Very tasty sauted in a frying pan, after regular cooking in boiling water, Spaghetti are also delicious with warm or cold tomato, vegetable and herb sauces.
Another excellent combination is with shellfish and sea food and also with "white" sauces made with soft or melted cheeses and spiced with curry, saffron, radish and ginger.