Cooked Ham Gran Biscotto Rovagnati (8kg)



Product Description

A stunning centerpiece for a special party, this delicious whole ham has real wow factor in looks and taste.

One of the finest cooked hams in the world, this is made exclusively in Lombardy with the best pork from selected farms. Only one leg out of four can become Gran Biscotto, the only ham with continuous marking on the skin.

There are many ways you can savour his delicate, sweet flavour: it is perfect with grissini as a simple appetizer, or as part of a mixed antipasti platter of assorted cold meats.

It is absolutely delicious in pairing with spreadable cheeses, ricotta, mozzarella or provola, as well as ingredient for some exquisite pasta, like in Farfalle with panna and peas, or in Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms.

Also recommended in diets thanks to his lightness and nutrients content.