Courgette Rolls

  • - 1tsp of chopped Chive
  • - Ground Pepper
  • - Salt
  • - 12 slices of Courgettes
  • - 100gr Robiola
  • - 40g Ham (crudo)

How to prepare:

Peel the courgettes and cut 12 slices of 2-3 mm thickness, cutting it lengthwise, salt them slightly, let them drain for about 15 minutes. Grill 1-2 minutes per side. On a cast iron (or non-stick) . In a bowl put the robiola, chives, pepper, ham finely chopped, reduce everything to cream, let stand in a cool place or refrigerator for at least 15 minutes. When the courgettes cool down spread the mixture on top a spoon or with a knife. Roll the courgettes making a spiral and place in a serving platter garnished with chopped chives.

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