Fresh Homemade Pastiera Napoletana Cake

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      EASTER SPECIAL: Following a huge demand from our customers, we tested some shipments of "pastiera" with express courier and it was a success. Therefore, we have decided to allow the sale of "pastiera" with express courier shipping for those who would like to have it for Easter. So, during this period, you can also buy "pastiera" even if you do not reside in Central London. Nifeislife will pay particular attention to the packaging, but it does not assume responsibility for breakages during transportation, which remains the responsibility of the buyer. By ordering this product from postcodes outside our area covered by company vans, you accept these conditions. Next day delivery not available.


      BOOK IN ADVANCE not to miss our award winning Pastiera delivered. For any variation, please call us and we'll try to arrange, we make all our Pastieras following your order. ***

      This Pastiera has had the honour of being awarded one star at the prestigious 2018 Taste Awards. The most common comments we have received are "visually striking with a rustic finish and the dark caramelisation at the edges of the pastry. The lattice work is particularly impressive. The taste is rich with hints of orange and lemon notes" and "artisanal and attractive in appearance, this product cuts well with a moist texture and is well presented. The judges liked the distinctive orange flavour and a traditional story behind the product.There is a nice ratio of pastry to filling and the pastry is well executed"

      ORIGINS AND CERTIFICATIONS: What is Pastiera? Simple: it is where Neapolitan Tradition meets Patisserie #theitalianway creating a masterpiece. The tradition says that old wives of the men at sea would leave at night baskets of Ricotta, Cooked Wheat, Candied Fruits, Orange blossom, Sugar and Flour (the ingredients to the cake) to welcome their husbands' return. And that in the morning they would find a ready-made cake, with a penetrating scent of orange (symbol of fertility). Most importantly, orange flowers are the symbol of Springtime coming. And that's why the Pastiera is now associated with Easter and the mid season tradition.

      Here goes the story:

      A Napule regnava Ferdinando
      Ca passava e' jurnate zompettiando;
      Mentr' invece a' mugliera, 'Onna Teresa,
      Steva sempe arraggiata. A' faccia appesa
      O' musso luongo, nun redeva maje,
      Comm'avess passate tanta guaje.
      Nù bellu juorno Amelia, a' cammeriera
      Le dicette: "Maestà, chest'è a' Pastiera.
      Piace e' femmene, all'uommene e e'creature:
      Uova, ricotta, grano, e acqua re ciure,
      'Mpastata insieme o' zucchero e a' farina
      A può purtà nnanz o'Rre: e pur' a Rigina".
      Maria Teresa facett a' faccia brutta:
      Mastecanno, riceva: "E' o'Paraviso!"
      E le scappava pure o' pizz'a riso.
      Allora o' Rre dicette: "E che marina!
      Pe fa ridere a tte, ce vò a Pastiera?
      Moglie mia, vien'accà, damme n'abbraccio!
      Chistu dolce te piace? E mò c'o saccio
      Ordino al cuoco che, a partir d'adesso,
      Stà Pastiera la faccia un pò più spesso.
      Nun solo a Pasca, che altrimenti è un danno;
      pe te fà ridere adda passà n'at' anno!"

      PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: We make the Pastiera on the spot in our kitchen, following your order. You need to order it by Wednesday at 2pm and you may be able to receive it on Friday or Saturday (your choice). It is made of the classic ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Ricotta, Candied Fruits, Orange Blossom scent, Cooked Wheat. 1.5 Kg serves approximately 10 people, so be ready and have Easter in advance!

      HOW TO PRESERVE: Keep in the fridge. You may want to serve it warm, if you want to follow the tradition. No preservatives added. Handmade 100% by our Chef, Gianni!

      ON YOUR TABLE: For a special occasion in the Springtime, over Easter, when you have people over. Serves 6-8 people approx.

      WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?No cake is like Pastiera in Naples. It is what Easter is about, it is the tradition!

      Shortcrust pastry(Gluten), , barley(Gluten),butter (Milk), , icing sugar, eggs, sugar(Milk), milk, orange flower, lemon, orange, ricotta cheese(Milk), cinnamon.

      For allergens, see ingredients in bold.


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      Fresh Homemade Pastiera Napoletana Cake

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