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    Barilla Emiliane Tortellini Cured Ham (500g)

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    Barilla Tortellini Filled with Cured Ham is pasta with a delicious pork and ham filling. Born in Emilia Romagna, a Northern Italian region, tortellini are made with a rough and porous egg pastry sheet that embraces a tasty filling. Cooking time: 10 minutes. Serves 4-5.

    Durum wheat semolina, stewed pork (pork, salt, sugar, pepper, mace, coriander, nutmeg), fresh category A eggs (19.3% on the pastry, 8.6% on the filling, 15.6% on the finished product), breadcrumbs (type "0" wheat flour, natural yeast, salt, water), sunflower oil, potato flakes, flavourings (milk, gluten), raw ham (pork legs, salt; 3.5% on the filling, 1.3% on the finished product), Grana Padano Dop (egg lysozyme) - 2.5% on the filling, 0.8% on the finished product, salt, antioxidant: rosemary extract.


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    Barilla Emiliane Tortellini Cured Ham (500g)

    VAT included

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