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    Barilla Emiliane Cappelletti with Meat (500g)

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    The name “cappelletti” derives from their characteristic hat shape. In the Barilla Emiliane Cappelletti with Meat recipe, the typical filling of Italian cuisine, made with carefully selected ingredients, is wrapped in a rough and porous egg pastry.

    Cappelletti with Meat are an authentic delicacy perfect for a truly irresistible traditional first course.

    Ideal both in broth and dry accompanied by mushrooms, capable of enhancing the intense flavour of Cappelletti with Meat. Try them with a sauce of mixed mushrooms, leek and thyme, a real secret ingredient essential for dishes based on meat and mushrooms. The delicacy of Cappelletti with Meat with scented herbs will surprise instead with its aromas that are well matched to their body.

    durum wheat semolina, fresh category A eggs (23.8% on the pastry, 13.1% on the filling, 20.2% on the finished product), stewed pork ((pork, salt, sugar, pepper, mace, coriander, nutmeg) 50% on the filling, 16.7% on the finished product), breadcrumbs (type "0" soft wheat flour, yeast, salt, water), sunflower oil, potato flakes, fiber wheat, flavorings (wheat), Grana Padano PDO (milk, egg lysozyme), antioxidant: rosemary extract.


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    Barilla Emiliane Cappelletti with Meat (500g)

    VAT included

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