Fillet Steak (Centre Cut - 180g)


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Product Description

Quality control at Nifeislife has become our mantra. We source all of our meat from one of the finest producers in the UK, HG Walter. We have tried and tested a lot of cuts and qualities and we believe in our suppliers and we like the "family" touch of HG Walter as they prepare, cut, wrap and pack their meats every day freshly for us and for you.The pure-bred Aberdeen Angus is hand selected and sourced from open pastures in Ayrshire, Scotland. Their beef has the good natural marbling and firm fat covering that's essential for succulent and tasty meat

This is the most lean and tender of all the steaks. The fillet tail is usually cut off and used for dishes such as stroganoff, or can be flattened for sandwich steaks. The butt end is normally for Cheateaubriand, while the centre cut fillet is the prime part of the fillet and often the most expensive Our Fillet steak serves one person. Excellent for dinner parties or a romantic dinner, this cut is one of the most appreciate all around the world. Beef is a very good source of iron, with perhaps the highest concentration of iron than any other commonly consumed meat. Moreover, beef provides a notable amount of selenium to the diet, a nutrient critical to the human antioxidant defense system.Vitamin B12 is essential to development and can only be found in animal derived foods such as beef. Additionally, vitamin B6 is necessary for the absorption of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Beef is a good source of both of these B vitamins. Is good and healthy...What else?

All our meats are cut in the morning and then sent directly to you. Preserve in the fridge up to 3 days. Suitable for freezing.

As mentioned, our fillet steak serves one person. Use the maximum heat to cook your steak and serve with roasted potatoes! Key insider tips: Pat the steak to remove any excess moisture.

Chose the beef fillet if you want the leaner cut of the beef. Choose this cut if you want to impress your guest but you don't have time or imagination. It will always be delicious!