Fresh Black Truffle from Umbria (about 100g)


London only

Product Description

The black truffle, or Tuber Magnatum Pico, is an irregular, globular-shaped fungus which can weight up to a kilo and ranges from a pale yellow to a slightly ochre colour and has white ramifications running through it which carachterise its name.
Ideal on your fresh egg pasta, on risotto, with gnocchi and again on your meat or with our luxurious scallops, the black truffle is the number one treat for your table.

Our fresh summer truffles are an exquisite and luxurious products for the finest palates. We have hand-picked the highest quality of original truffles from the best trifolai in the region of Umbria, a land where the earth produces some amongst the finest products of Italy.
Make sure you follow our specific instructions to achieve the best results. These truffles are FRESH and last for 3-4 days!