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    Crossed Semolina Sourdough (1kg) - Fresh Bread

    Farina London
    VAT included

    This is authentic pugliese semolina sourdough, scored with a cross before baking as is tradition, and made using flour from the Camema mill in Altamura. Unique for its crunchy crust, soft yellow crumb and nutty taste, this style of bread has been loved since Roman times (Horace having described it as the best bread in the world).

    Want the crust even crunchier? Place the loaf in the oven at 180°C for 4-5 minutes.

    Producer: Farina London

    Re-milled Semolina flour (63.52%)

    Water (33.55%)

    Salt (1.38%)

    Sourdough (1.33%)

    Olive Oil (0.22%)

    Farina London

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    Crossed Semolina Sourdough (1kg) - Fresh Bread

    VAT included

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