Fresh Homemade Nutella Tiramisu (1.5Kg - Serves 10/12)


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Product Description

It is no secret that its name means literally "Pick me up" - it releases your joy and happiness for the rest of the day!
Possibly the most famous of Italian desserts: a creamy concoction of cocoa, mascarpone, savoiardi biscuits and espresso. This version has an added Nutella cream, because who doesn't like a further layer of chocolate and hazelnuts? Deriving from the region of Veneto, its secret is the number of layers of savoiardi biscuits melted within the coffee and the mascarpone with the egg. And its grandmothers' secret is to make it the day before, so as to maintain the consistency of it!

This is the larger version, when you don't really know how many of your guests are showing up


How to prepare