Fresh Italian Strawberries (200g)


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Product Description

Fresh strawberries imported from Italy.Candonga strawberries, a famous variety selection created from the Spanish Planasa, has found its ideal habitat in the Metapontino area (Basilicata). It represents 90% of the total production of the region which, thanks to its 540 hectares, is the third strawberry producer of the country after Campania (890 ha) and Veneto (616 ha).
They are sweet, firm, plump, flovourful and refreshing, with diuretical qualities.
Not only do they taste great, they are among the fruits ranked highest in healthy promoting antioxidents.
The fregrantly sweet juiciness and vibrant deep red colour make these strawberries ideal with tarts, mousse, cakes as well as with lemon juice or with cream on a fruit salad.

Excellent on their own with just a few drops of aged Balsamic Vinegar.