Bresaola Punta d'Anca from Valtellina IGP/PGI Sliced (Approx. 100g)

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      Quality Control has become our mantra at Nifeislife. We source our Bresaola PGI (IGP is the Italian denomination for Protected Geographical Indication) from Robustellini. The company activity dates back to 1949, in Grosotto, in High Valtellina, Lombardy, in Italy, which is effectively home to Bresaola, in all the memories of those that might go there to ski in the winter-time. Robustellini is in Nuova Olonio, where they match, in a new modern factory, handicraft mastery with the latest production systems.

      The name bresaola dates back to the original "brasaola" used by the first manufactures referring to the salting and drying process through the use of braziers. The "punta d'anca" (top of the hip, it is the tender "salmon" cut, or eye, of the silverside) is the part that is used, which guarantees top quality in all bresaola, beware of all others. This bresaola is the most "original" product that you can buy, made only from mature, grass-fed cattle, with virtually no fat, processed according to the strict P.G.I. procedural guidelines and undergoing a long seasoning cycle. Very delicately peppery and spiced, it has a somehow distinctive taste in its spiciness.

      Preserve in the fridge and follow the expiry date on the packaging. Our bresaola is available in both our fresh bag option, which is sliced on the day and therefore has a shorter expiry date, or vacuum packed for you to keep in the fridge. Choose the one that is most suitable. If you can, we strongly suggest fresh bag, just because it preserves the freshness of the cut and it gives the product a whole different "breath-ability". Available in 100g and 200g packaging.

      Bresaola is the choice for a fast and light meal. It is part of most protein-rich diets due to its lightness and its filling properties. In most cases they say it is also the only cold cuts that you can afford when on a strict diet. Have bresaola on its own, or with parmesan shavings and rocket (and a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon). Or perhaps roll it up with some cheese to make a funny aperitivo.

      The choice towards bresaola is a tasty and healthy one. Most people would have it because it reminds them of their skiing holidays in Valtellina or because it is simply a lighter option and an incredibly practical one. You should choose the IGP quality for more of an every-day taste, slightly cheaper choice, but mostly if you like its distinctive classic spicy taste. It is what we have always provided you with at Nifeislife and it is one of our clients' favourite products.

      Beef meat, salt, spice, dextrose, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate. Antioxidant: E301


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      Bresaola Punta d'Anca from Valtellina IGP/PGI Sliced (Approx. 100g)

      VAT included

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