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      San Daniele Prosciutto DOP/PDO Sliced (Approx. 100g)

      San Daniele
      VAT included

      At Nifeislife quality control is paramount. Our mission is now to improve the transparency of the provenance of all our fresh product so that you can make an informed choice over the food you buy. Our San Daniele is produced by King's Prosciutti, il Prosciutto del "Cestello". The craftsmanship of the company is enclosed within the word "cestello" or basket. The famous wicker basket with its typical shape that is reminiscent of a ham, encloses and protects each of King's excellent creations. This basket has always been hand made by local craftsmen from wicker, a material that was widely used in ancient times by Celtic populations who inhabited areas of Veneto, with the willow tree as a symbol of fertility offering a secure hiding place and protection. The King's Cestello has been designed and created to offer exactly the same form of protection to its ham, and encapsulates the traditions and the culture that stretch back into history. King's is based in the North Eastern part of Italy, in Veneto, but of course the San Daniele DOP (or PDO in English, Protected Designation of Origin) covers agricultural products and foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised know-how. San Daniele is a village in Friuli, right next to Veneto, where King's is based. Remember that, when making prosciutto, more than 15% of the materials are discarded: King's pride themselves of using the best possible meats.

      A raw ham that is aged in the traditional way, the San Daniele King's DOP is created only from Italian pigs' legs. Subjected to the closest Consortium controls, it is aged up to 20 months in an environment that offers both ideal air and climate. The finest quality pig's leg is the end product of the air of San Daniele and just the correct quantity of sea salt, unique ingredients that together render the ham (in its exclusive wicker basket) inimitable. Prosciutto Crudo (Raw Ham) especially in Northern Italy is often associated with the sweeter taste of San Daniele, as opposed to perhaps the more salty Parma Ham (Prosciutto Riserva as we call it). It has more "red" of a colour and is not a fat product at all, if part of a balanced diet.

      Preserve in the fridge and follow the expiry date on the packaging. Our San Daniele is available in both our fresh bag option, which is sliced on the day and therefore has a shorter expiry date, or vacuum packed for you to keep in the fridge. Choose the one that is most suitable. If you can, we strongly suggest fresh bag, just because it preserves the freshness of the cut and it gives the product a whole different "breath-ability". Available in 100g and 200g packaging.

      Cold cuts are always something that Italians prefer to have in the fridge (you never know). San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo is generally a favourite for kids and, due to its sweeter taste, can do well in combination with melon during the summer or perhaps with some cheese during the winter. Have a piadina with San Daniele and Stracchino and you won't regret it!

      If you choose prosciutto crudo vs other sliced hams, you know what you are after. A typical taste of Italy and a very gourmand one. The choice between our San Daniele and our Prosciutto di Parma (Prosciutto Riserva, as we cannot call the latter Parma Ham unless we slice it right in front of your eyes) lays in your taste. The former has a sweeter and "easier" taste, the latter has a salty and perhaps more sophisticated one.

      Pork meat, salt, spices.

      San Daniele

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      San Daniele Prosciutto DOP/PDO Sliced (Approx. 100g)

      VAT included

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