Mortadella from Bologna IGP/PGI Sliced w/pistachio (Approx. 200g)

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      Carefully made in Bologna to a traditional recipe, mortadella was first made by monks who pounded pork to a fine consistency, stuffed it into natural casings and then baked it in the bread oven. The most classical example of a typical product and the most famous deli meat of Bolognese area since 1600, but its name dates back to Roman period. Fiorucci is proud to be one of the main producers of this specialty. Our mortadella is the purest-quality meat, made by the Fiorucci family, based in Norcia and then in Pomezia. Fiorucci is one of the largest hams producers in Italy, with a very well renown name for its mortadella. Our Mortadella PGI (Protected Geographical Indication, or IPG as we say in Italian) is amongst the most typical hams. Some could also call it Bologna, from its place of origin.

      Mortadella may be the largest of all Italian sausages, but it is also wonderfully delicate and light in texture, quite a gourmet taste (not for everyday, but for a panino, it is in fact a very rich meat). Beautifully flavoured with a handful of pistachio nuts and sliced wafer-thin, it is the ideal meat for an antipasti platter or for a panino. Property wise you might want to have it as a treat, it might be a bit too much for every day (careful with your diet.. its fat melts in your mouth!).

      Preserve in the fridge and follow the expiry date on the packaging. Our Mortadella from Bologna is available in both our fresh bag option, which is sliced on the day and therefore has a shorter expiry date, or vacuum packed for you to keep in the fridge. Choose the one that is most suitable. If you can, we strongly suggest fresh bag, just because it preserves the freshness of the cut and it gives the product a whole different "breath-ability". Available in 100g and 200g packaging.

      Delicious on its own, our Mortadella from Bologna is also one of the best topping for a slice of warm focaccia! In some cases and exceptionally you can call is if you want us to dice it instead of slicing it!

      Choose Mortadella on your cold cuts platter when you want a treat and you want real comfort food. It is delicate in texture and you can eat it forever! We love it, it is possibly the team's favourite ham!

      Meat Pork, Salt, Pistachio, Sugar, Spices, Herbs, Natural Flavourings, Antioxidants: E300, E301, Preservative: E250.


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      Mortadella from Bologna IGP/PGI Sliced w/pistachio (Approx. 200g)

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