Cooked Ham Gran Biscotto Rovagnati Sliced (Approx. 200g)

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      Gran Biscotto Rovagnati doesn't need Nifeislife's stamp of approval quality-wise. It is well known to be the best selling "prosciutto cotto" - cooked ham - in Italy. Rovagnati, one of the largest Italian Prosciutto makers based in the Brianza Lombardy area, has affirmed itself to be a guarantee in all things regarding prosciutto. They are now large, with a diversified production and large export capabilities, but their Gran Biscotto remains the product that everyone recognizes everywhere due to its trademark. Continuous marking on the rind is a shrewd intuition and takes a great deal of work to achieve.

      Top of the Prosciutti Cotti Rovagnati range, Gran Biscotto is a unique product and the most famous and bestselling Cooked Ham in Italy. Rovagnati discards without hesitation all hams which do not meet the highest standards. Only 1 in 4 gets through, then they cook slowly, over a long period, as perfection takes time and finally carefully mix in salt, water and unique secret ingredients. Continuous marking on the rind is a shrewd intuition and takes a great deal of work to achieve. It's an ingenious concept invented by Rovagnati and which blends advanced technology with the ancient power of fire. Relatively light amongst all cold cuts, this is ideal for children.

      Preserve in the fridge and follow the expiry date on the packaging. Our Rovagnati Cooked Ham is available in both our fresh bag option, which is sliced on the day and therefore has a shorter expiry date, or vacuum packed for you to keep in the fridge. Choose the one that is most suitable. If you can, we strongly suggest fresh bag, just because it preserves the freshness of the cut and it gives the product a whole different "breath-ability". Available in 100g and 200g packaging.

      Perfect for children and adults, Rovagnati is good to be eaten as is, raw, in a panino, in your piadina, pretty much in all Italian recipes. But of course, it can be exalted when cooked in meat rolls or maybe in some pasta with PPP (Panna Chef Prosciutto Peas). Just use your fantasy.

      When we were kids in Italy there was always prosciutto cotto as a back up choice in the fridge. And this is what Gran Biscotto is for. Of course, this is an incredible quality of prosciutto cotto, so perhaps you want to have it when combined with other types of cold cuts, so that you can enjoy the flavours and difference. It's the easy, fast choice for those who prefer a more "neutral" taste compared to perhaps bresaola (healthier but spicy) or prosciutto crudo (which is more gourmand but maybe a little less healthy).

      Pork Leg, Salt, Flavourings, Preservative: Sodium nitrate, Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate.


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      Cooked Ham Gran Biscotto Rovagnati Sliced (Approx. 200g)

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