Gorgonzola from Piedmont DOP/PDO (Approx. 1.5 kg)



Product Description

A large piece of Piedmontese Gorgonzola. Tradition states that its name is related to Gorgonzola, a little village in the outskirts of Milano where, for a lucky string of events, a careless peasant first forgot some rennet in a corner, then the day after added it to the fresh one, creating a particularly spicy cheese with bluish veins: in the early XII century, Gorgonzola was born. Soft and creamy, made with whole cows milk, with just a faint trace of mould (called erborinatura), it unites all the best traits of the category and is acknowledged by the European Community with the D.O.P. trademark.
Region: Piedmont- Seasoning: 2/4 months