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      Fresh Asiago from Veneto DOP/PDO (Approx. 300g)

      VAT included

      ORIGINS AND CERTIFICATIONS: Asiago is a village surrounded by a small plateau in the north-eastern region of Veneto. The cheese-making tradition of Vicenza and Trento (therefore of the area) dates back to more than thousand years. Asiago cheese DIO/PDO is produced right there. The regional attachment in the name underlines its geographical link to the territory. Traditionally, it was made from sheep's milk but today it is produced from unpasteurised cow's milk.

      PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Seasoned 4-6 months, it was made from sheep's milk but today it is produced from unpasteurised cow's milk. Texture wise, Asiago goes through many changes, assuming different textures, according to its ageing. Depending on age, the rinds of Asiago can be straw coloured and elastic to brownish grey and hard. The paste can be white to dark yellow, with small to medium irregular holes. Based on the ageing, Asiago can be used for grating, melting, slicing on a variety of salads, sandwiches, soups, pastas, and sauces.

      HOW TO PRESERVE: Once you have purchased your Asiago make sure that you store it properly. You can use cellophane/plastic wrap to repackage it or place the cheese in a container specifically designed to hold vegetables or cheeses. Make sure, however, that it remains stored in your refrigerator.

      ON YOUR TABLE: ASIAGO is a semi-hard table cheese, easily shredded into your favorite recipes. Along with a pronounced nut-like flavour, fresh Asiago has a taste that is semi-sweet. Because of this, it is good when used in sandwiches, omelettes and sauces. Asiago is most commonly used as a grating cheese to serve over salads, soups, and appetisers.

      WHAT TO PAIR IT WITH: This semi-sweet cheese from Veneto is delicious combined with Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese IGT, a red wine with the same origins as Asiago cheese, that has an attractive taste, with notes of ripe red fruit, dominated by cherries and spice.
      And if you don't have this spectacular wine with you, do not worry, Asiago will taste amazing with any rich red "Valpolicella style".

      Milk, Salt, Rennet


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      Fresh Asiago from Veneto DOP/PDO (Approx. 300g)

      VAT included

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