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      Caciocavallo Podolico (circa 500g) Eccellente

      VAT included

      The podolic Caciocavallo is an high quality semi hard cheese, made with milk coming from the podolic cows farm of "Masserie Colombo", obtained from the skilful, strictly artisanal processing of the milk obtained from cows raised in the wild in Puglia, eating grass, in respect of their nature. Podolico caciocavallo is a noble cheese, consumed only on the table, usually at the end of meals. An advanced degree of maturation (even five, six years) gives it a series of organoleptic qualities: complex aromas, of pasture and scrub, as well as an inimitable gustatory persistence. The premium taste of this products is due to the milk used to make it; in fact, the podolic cows produce a very low quantity of milk per day, that is collected and masterfully worked by experts to turn it into word class Caciocavallo. The rarity of the milk and the skills of its producers make this cheese a unique product with no equals for taste and texture.

      Podolic milk, rennet, salt


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      Caciocavallo Podolico (circa 500g) Eccellente

      VAT included

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