Kinder Brioss with Milk (280g)


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10 Pieces per pack.
The simple and delicious taste of kinder Brioss is a classic for all Italian food nostalgic of the eighties from Kinder & Ferrero. Kinder Brioss puts together a soft spongy cake with a creamy milk fill, in order to provide for the perfect packed snack for children and perhaps grown up children! It's the school snack par excellence, don't forget to pack it up.
Try and dunk it in milk o tea for breakfast as well. It might come as a surprise to you but it does kick off the day in the right Italian manner.
For 50 years Kinder has been on the side of parents providing children and kids' snacks for all parts of the day. You would be surprised but Kinder is actually a commercial brand that is part of an Italian multinational, Ferrero, which is highly famous in the food industry for products such as Nutella or Ferrero Rocher.