Lamb Cutlets (Six pieces - 540g)


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Product Description

Quality control at Nifeislife has become our mantra. We source all of our meat from one of the finest producers in the UK, HG Walter. We have tried and tested a lot of cuts and qualities and we believe in our suppliers and we like the "family" touch of HG Walter as they prepare, cut, wrap and pack their meats every day freshly for us and for you. As lamb is a seasonal product, HG Walter uses various breeds from different regions throughout the year, from a Cotswolds Suffolk Cross during the spring to a texel breed from Lanarkshire during the winter months and a superb Salt Marsh from Anglesey North Wales (which is possibly our favourite).

If you are not familiar with lamb, the easiest cut is the small cutlet, or "costoletta", as it is versatile and ideal for a variety of combinations in the kitchen. It is sweet, delicate and meltingly tender, as mostly lamb always is, but it also has a certain ease in the way that it's packed, cooked and served. Ideal to try out the product, our six lamb cutlets are enough for two people. Lamb is a rich source of protein and vitamins (A, B3, B6 and B12) and mineral (iron, zinc, phosphorous and calcium). Choose lamb if you want a nice, healthy main course. Just a tip: lamb can be easily cooked in the oven... that's one pan less to clean!

All our meats are cut in the morning and then sent directly to you. Preserve in the fridge up to 3 days. Suitable for freezing.

As mentioned, three cutlets are enough for one person so this is a portion for two people more or less. What about perhaps shoving a few cutlets in the oven with some honey and rosemary for an easy and quick recipe that might be slightly unexpected? Another typical companion of lamb can be peas, which counterpart the sweetness. Turn to Easter suggestions, when lamb becomes the key ingredient to the Italian kitchen.

If you choose lamb because of its incredible healthy properties, which includes high quantities of vitamins and proteins, cutlets are the easiest way to cook lamb, as in general they can be perfect for dinner parties (even standing ones). Yes, they can be eaten with your hands! Sometimes they actually have to be!