Masi Campolongo di Torbe Amarone Classico (75cl)



Product Description

Product Type: Red Wines
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Producer: Masi
Alcohol: 16.0%
Grape Varieties:70% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 5% Molinara
Closure: Cork

Producer: Though run by the Boscaini family for six generations, it is really in the last fifty years that Masi has established itself as one of the Veneto`s most innovative wine producers. In the late 1950s, they identified certain historic vineyard plots which are vinified as Amarone and bottled separately to this day. In 1964, they launched the now-legendary Campofiorin, which revived the technique of a second fermentation with semi-dried grapes. Masi have also rescued the ancient Oseleta variety from extinction, and continue to use it in two of their celebrated "Supervenetian" wines.

Vineyard: The southwest-facing Campolonge de Torbe vineyard has wide terraces supported by natural embankments and dry stone walls. The soil is red eocenic limestone, which is deep, well-drained, and rich in stones and favourable chemical and mineral components.

Winery: The grape bunches were laid on bamboo racks to dry for four to five months, resulting in 35-40% weight loss and a degree of botrytis. After a delicate crushing, the dried grapes were partially destemmed and fermented in Slavonian barrels for forty-five days. The wine was then aged for three years, 60% in Slavonian oak barrels of 30-40 hl and 40% in 600-litre Slavonian and Allier oak casks, with a mixture of new and used wood.

Taste: An intense, persistent bouquet offers great complexity, with aromas ranging from bright, fresh fruit through dried red fruit notes to warm scents of chocolate and vanilla. The attack is smooth, leading to a warmer, fuller, more powerful mid-palate, while the finish combines freshness and depth.