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    La Baronia Buffalo mozzarella DOP (125g)

    La Baronia
    VAT included

    ORIGINS AND CERTIFICATIONS: This product comes from the same producer of our signature fresh handmade and handcut Buffalo Mozzarella DOP. However, this variety is a different product, with a longer lasting life in your fridge and a slightly different taste.
    La Baronia, the small producer in Campania that we get all of our buffalo mozzarellas from, is a guarantee of quality and taste and has been certified for many years for their signature Fresh Mozzarella, that we sell as "handcut and handmade".

    PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: Our long-life buffalo mozzarella is the usual buffalo mozzarella that you find in the UK with a better Italian taste and an affordable price!
    Rich in calcium and high in protein, buffalo mozzarella is remarkably nutritious.
    This product comes in pre-packaged bags of 125g each.

    HOW TO PRESERVE: Preserve this mozzarella in the fridge and stock up for your recipes!

    ON YOUR TABLE: This is the perfect mozzarella to be cooked within your pastas, baked recipes, lasagne, pizza and many more recipes!

    Choose this variety of Buffalo Mozzarella if you are planning to cook a recipe with it or if you want to save some money and yet experience an Italian quality cheese. Otherwise, we advise you try and look at our signature handcut and fresh buffalo mozzarella. Choose the 250g (2 mozzarella balls weighing 125g each) or 500g (4 balls) Buffalo Mozzarella from Campana DOP if you want a real and unique treat, just like you would find it in Italy.
    The delicacy bocconcini 500g has smaller mozzarella balls, perhaps for your antipasti or aperitivo.
    A treccia, instead, is a plaited real treat for those of you who are perhaps having a larger dinner party or want to enjoy a luxurious and unique "piece of art" on their table!

    Buffalo-Milk, Salt, Rennet.

    La Baronia

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    La Baronia Buffalo mozzarella DOP (125g)

    VAT included

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