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    Il Parco Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP/PDO 250g (2x125g)

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    The only PDO 100% Made in Apulia. Apulia (Gargano Natural Park), a beautiful and unique land, can amaze those who visit it, who live there and who eat it. 

    The Gargano preserves the treasures of nature. The woods, the Umbra Forest, the karst caves and farms scattered on the territory where the most typical products are born, healthy and genuine. 

    Only made with the highest quality buffalo milk which is world-renowned for its health benefits. It has a lower cholesterol level than regular milk, and is extremely rich in calcium with a good source of minerals.

    Il Parco handmade and handcut fresh buffalo mozzarella is stunningly fresh, deliciously soft, creamy and mild. Taste it once, and you'll want more of this unique cheese.

    Rich in calcium and high in protein, buffalo mozzarella is remarkably nutritious, and a firm favourite with native Italians.

    Il Parco Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP/PDO is made in Apulia and is prepared fresh ready to consume. 

    HOW TO PRESERVE: No preservatives. Our Buffalo Mozzarella needs to be preserved FRESH. In order to taste all fragrance just like real Italians do please give us a call and we can help. When ready to eat it, please sink your mozzarella in hot water (about 35°) for 10/15 minutes.

    ON YOUR TABLE: Because it is so authentically good, our mozzarella is perfect for a simple yet gorgeous first course served just as it is, perhaps with some good sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, or tear the cheese and scatter it at the last moment over a more robust dish of tomato-based pasta or pizza dish.


    Choose the 250g (2 mozzarella balls weighing 125g each balls or 1x 250g) Buffalo Mozzarella from Campana DOP if you want a real and unique treat, just like you would find it in Italy.

    The delicacy bocconcini 5x50g has smaller mozzarella balls, perhaps for your antipasti or aperitivo.

    Buffalo's milk, rennet, salt. 


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    Il Parco Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP/PDO 250g (2x125g)

    Save 10%
    VAT included

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