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    Smoked Buffalo Provola Campania PDO Hand Cut 500g

    La Baronia
    VAT included

    ORIGINS AND CERTIFICATIONS: Wood-fired sister of our signature product, buffalo mozzarella, our provola flies in fresh twice a week every Tuesday and Fridays, and sells out very fast. Compared to mozzarella it has a day or two more in lasting autonomy. Try and taste it just like in Italy!
    Nifeislife is unique in that we import our fresh "mozzarella di bufala" and smoked provola directly from a small artisan farm in Campania, the region around Naples, called La Baronia, which is a guarantee of quality, taste and control since the 1990s. The controls applied by La Baronia imply that the provenance of the milk and its transformation happen exclusively in selected geographical areas in the Caserta and Salerno provinces and in selected areas of Latium. The DOP certification has been obtained in 1996 and has been valid since, making La Baronia one of the most well-reknown producers in Italy.

    PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: You might not be familiar with this product, but once you try it, it will surprise you. It is nothing but a smoked and wood-fired fresh and handcut buffalo mozzarella DOP, with a darker brownish colour yet a gum-like consistency (which distinguishes it from scamorza). Smoked, with a strong round almost spiced flavour, stunningly fresh, deliciously soft, creamy. Our favourite, and a peculiar surprise for stronger tastes to be combined with milder ingredients.
    Rich in calcium and high in protein, just like buffalo mozzarella, the smoked provola is remarkably nutritious, and a firm favourite with native Italians because of its remarkable and distinctive smoked strong flavour that differentiates it from anything you have tried so far! No preservatives.

    HOW TO PRESERVE: No preservatives are used in the production of provola as well as mozzarella. Our Provola, just like Buffalo Mozzarella needs to be preserved FRESH. This is why we make sure that we receive it twice a week, in order to provide you with the highest quality of the product. In order to taste all fragrance just like real Italians do you can call us and we'll be happy to help. Provola has a slightly longer shelf-life compared to mozzarella (up to 5-6 days). When ready to eat it, please sink your provola in hot water (about 35°) for 10/15 minutes.

    ON YOUR TABLE: It is easy to melt and can be used to dress pasta and meat dishes (pasta courgettes and provola is a classic). A favourite way to serve it is to slice and cook the cheese gently in a classic tomato sauce. Served with some good, rustic bread, it's a first course to impress any cheese-lover. Or what about jacket potatoes?

    Choose provola for a distinctive, strong, passionate and unforgettable flavour and a very different one from our Buffalo Mozzarella, yet again with the same freshness. Choose the 250g (2 mozzarella balls weighing 125g each) or 500g (4 balls) Buffalo Mozzarella from Campana DOP if you want a real and unique treat, just like you would find it in Italy.
    The delicacy bocconcini 500g has smaller mozzarella balls, perhaps for your antipasti or aperitivo.
    A treccia, instead, is a plaited real treat for those of you who are perhaps having a larger dinner party or want to enjoy a luxurious and unique "piece of art" on their table!

    Buffalo milk, rennet, salt.

    La Baronia

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    Smoked Buffalo Provola Campania PDO Hand Cut 500g

    VAT included

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