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    Bonci Panbriacone Il Bria Tronchetto Classic (450g)

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    The secret of this ingredient is the same as the most well-known confectionery product of the Bonci production, the Panbriacone, injected with syrup of selected sweet wines, paired with tasty raisins and without artificial preservatives.

    Characterized by the original recipe, the Bria Tronchetto Bonci goes perfectly with cream, ice cream, and fresh fruit. An ancient but innovative flavor, made with select ingredients.

    In the delicious dessert cake Bria Tronchetto Bonci, traditional flavors are revisited and combined in a sweet and tasty recipe.


    Naturally leavened baked cake with selected raisins and soaked in alcoholic syrup with sweet dessert wines.

    Bonci represents the passion, the experience, and the desire to be carried away by creativity, and experimenting with new flavours. Panbriacone was born and so many small and large pastry productions were born too after, all made by hand with high-quality ingredients.

    When you order a Bonci Panbriacone you'll receive a unique, genuine and unmistakable taste. We only need a few simple ingredients to create such a brilliant effect—using only the highest quality, no chemicals or preservatives, in compliance with a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

    An explosion of flavour to be enjoyed without hesitation.

    bread wheat flour, sugar, butter, selected raisins 7%, pasteurized eggs, natural yeast, soaked alcoholic (alc. 14% vol.) syrup (water, sugar, alcohol, sweet wines, natural flavors) 27%; natural flavourings: natural vanilla extract, salt. Produced in laboratories that use: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin. Produced without preservatives and colouring.


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    Bonci Panbriacone Il Bria Tronchetto Classic (450g)

    VAT included

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