Pastificio Antiche Tradizioni Ziti Tagliati Lisci From Gragnano (500g)



Product Description

Pasta of durum wheat semolina extruded through bronze. The bronze die and slow drying process give to the pasta the typical roughness that allows a perfect union with the sauce and condiment. Dried in static cells where we control humidity and temperature at least for 24h, to preserve the natural quality and taste of the product. The city of Gragnano in the province of Naples boasts the prestigious European PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition. Short pasta with a round, hollow cross section. Standard "ziti" (or "zite") are a long cut normally broken before cooking and traditionally served at weddings. In this case they are already cut. Though they can be served with either fish, meat or vegetable sauces, including the classic genovese, they a’re usually preferred with thick and richly flavoured ones, such aubergines and cheese