Plasmon Classic Biscuits (320g)



Product Description

8 packs. The exclusive recipe of the Plasmon Biscuit, with selected calcium, iron and vitamins, is carefully designed to accompany your child during growth.
It has always been characterized by its right friability, its unmistakable taste and its unique property to easily melt in the mouth, so important for the baby in the early stages of weaning. And sometimes stolen by adults!
All ingredients are carefully controlled, without dyes * and preservatives *, without butter, without eggs, with 8% fat and calories.
For your biscuit we choose only the best ingredients, collected and stored until the day of preparation without using pesticides.
Through Oasis in Growth we choose only suppliers able to adopt our requirements for the management of the supply chain, which are even higher than required by the restrictive law for infant feeding.
With 6 vitamins and mineral salts. The authentic taste of all time. Without eggs, hydrogenated fats, without dyes * and preservatives * as per law. It melts in the mouth and you should have your kid dunk it in his or her milk, the way Plasmon biscotti are enjoyed, even in the UK.