Sangemini Mineral Water in Plastic 24 x (1.5L)



Product Description

For centuries Sangemini mineral water has enjoyed a consolidated reputation for its health-inducing properties.

This reputation is both on account of the therapeutic properties of the water itself and the result of the natural and unspoilt environment that surrounds the source of this special water. The firm that owns Sangemini has adopted a precise policy of controlling the surrounding countryside with a view to ensuring that a constant monitoring is carried out at all the stages of the water's passage from the springs to the bottled water offered to consumers.

This special Italian water is rich in mineral salts and especially in calcium. For these reason Acqua Sangemini is good for everyone: children, pregnant women, young and elderly people. Thanks to the natural bicarbonates, it helps the digestion especially after sport activities. It comes from the region of Umbria, which is in heart of central Italy.