Sant Anna Still Mineral Water 6 x (1.5L)



Product Description

Mineral Water Bulk 6 x (1.5L)


A unique heritage, the pure water that flows from the springs of Vinadio, in the tops of the Maritime Alps, and a vocation of modern enterprise, attention to quality, innovation, the protection of its precious land and the environment.


Thanks to the combination between the gifts of the mountain and the constant effort to improve the processes of production and distribution, Sant'Anna has become the preferred mineral water of Italians, who choose it for very low in sodium and residue, for low nitrates due to the low hardness, and for being so it's ideal for the whole family, starting from infants, by feeding them in the event of insufficient breast milk and their weaning.


A distinction of merit and substance that has allowed the company and the brand Sant'Anna - inspired by the patron of mothers and children - to grow and become, in less than ten years, an industrial leadership.
Rewarded by consumer choice and the most prestigious national and international awards.