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    De Cecco Rigatoni n.24 (500g)

    De Cecco
    VAT included

    De Cecco Rigatoni is in the shape of a ridged tube belonging to the straight cut dried pasta family.

    De Cecco Rigatoni is a specialty of the Campania region in Southern Italy.

    Rigatoni by De Cecco is a rather versatile shape being suitable with tomato or vegetable sauces, but the rigatoni are at their best matched with chunky meat sauces and ragus: stew sauces, meat and mushrooms, veal and pork, sausages and giblets ragus.

    All these thick sauces however should be liquid enough to allow the sauce to cling to the Rigatoni's ridges and its hole.

    Cooking Time: 14 minutes

    Water, Durum Wheat Semolina.

    De Cecco

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    De Cecco Rigatoni n.24 (500g)

    VAT included

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