Svelto washing up soap (1L)



Product Description

Nothing is more deadening than the power of the dishwashing detergent. Apply to the effective degreasing force of this concentrated detergent. This liquid detergent for dishes is designed to remove stubborn deposits of oil and grease completely and quickly. You do not need to rub or pick up the residues of dry or fat food when you wash the dishes by hand. You can easily create a brilliant clean thanks to the turbo cleaning formula of this solution. By the addition of natural vinegar neutralizes and eliminates the persistent odors of fatty foods like chicken or fish. The fresh lemon flavor makes it easy to wash the dishes. The powerful formula is dermatologically tested to be gentle on the hands. As part of the Professional Business Solutions series, this high-quality solution is ideal for use in restaurants, kitchens and canteens. Excellent degreaser to quickly dissolve fat and oil .Eliminates odors from persistent food.Gentle soft pH formula on hands