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    Ahmad Teas Evening Tea Decaff - 20 Foil Teabags

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    The Evening Tea offered by Ahmad Tea is a delicate blend of decaffeinated black teas with a signature bergamot flavoring. The tea is light and well-balanced, making it an ideal beverage to relax with in the evenings or to enjoy any time of the day without the effects of caffeine.

    The decaffeination process is done through a harmless solvent-wash method, which is favored by Ahmad Tea because it preserves the natural flavor of the tea while removing the caffeine. The Tea Masters at Ahmad then skillfully blend the teas to create a balanced flavor profile, and they add just the right amount of bergamot flavoring to give the tea a refreshing and exotic citrusy note.

    The Evening blend is gentle, soothing, and refreshing, making it an ideal choice for a bedtime tea. While Ahmad Tea suggests brewing it lightly and enjoying it naturally, it can also be served strong with a splash of milk. Additionally, each tea bag is individually foil-wrapped to ensure maximum freshness.

    The box containing the Evening Tea features a beautiful painting titled "The Houses of Parliament, London, England" by John Macvicar Anderson. The painting captures the iconic building in the evening light, making it the perfect image to accompany this calming and soothing tea.

    Black tea, Bergamot flavouring

    Origin: Kenya


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    Ahmad Teas Evening Tea Decaff - 20 Foil Teabags

    VAT included

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