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Order Fresh Truffles

Order Fresh Truffles

Do you know you can order some tasty, fresh and authentic Italian truffles and get it delivered to your doorstep?


  • White Truffle;
  • Black Truffle "Uncinato" or "Winter Scorzone"


If you are interested please write an email to to place an order by email before Monday 12:00. Our weekly prices are listed below. Or ask for a quotation for larger sizes truffles.

We will contact our Truffle Hunters in Italy to find the required products and quantities;

We usually get the truffle on Tuesday and Thursday (after 24-48 hours the harvest) every week so we can deliver it as soon as we receive the product at your convenience.

You have to pay in advance to complete your order.

*Truffles can be delivered only to our Selected London areas only (Central London)


Truffles are rare. They grow in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees.

Harvesting them requires expertly trained dogs.

Our truffle hunters are mainly found in Tuscany (San Miniato, Arezzo, Florence), Piedmont (Alba), Umbria (Città di Castello), Lazio and Marche.

We will always give you confirmation of the origin, as we do for all our customers. As for the white truffles, it will mostly come to you from San Miniato and Alba. That is the top place for truffles in the world.

For us, quality comes first and foremost, that's why we only source fresh, high-quality truffles that come from organic production to ensure their maximum flavour and aroma potential.


This truffle takes its name from the hook-shaped crests of its spores. The external skin is black and rugged.

These truffles have a distinctive aroma that is akin to a range of flavours including mushrooms, hazelnuts, and parmesan cheese, vanilla, and chocolate.

Harvest Season: from October to December

Where it grows: in very humid environments in shady and cool areas where the sun’s rays do not arrive; at very high altitudes, from 1000 to 1300 meters a.s.l. The main plants that produce this truffle are the Turkey Oak and Beech tree.

Note: These Truffles have a slightly longer shelf life than other varieties, kept correctly they will last approximately 2 weeks.


White truffles have a smooth exterior, from yellow to ochre depending on where they were harvested. Their aroma is smooth but intense, velvety but firm.

The diversity of environments gives characteristics and aromas that make each truffle unique. Harvest season: 15th September to 31st January.

Where it grows – Its habitat is rich in vegetation, humid and little sunny, in the valley bottoms, along watercourses and in woods with proper humidity; at altitudes from 100 to 500 metres a.s.l.

Alba in Piedmont, San Miniato in Tuscany and Acqualagna in Le Marche are particularly renowned as the Italian “white truffle capitals”, and central Italy is anyway the homeland of the highest quality white truffles.

The main plants that produce this truffle are oaks, willows, hornbeams, linden, and poplars.


The price is based on:

  1. type of truffle;
  2. the size of the single truffle, therefore it grows proportionally to the weight of the single piece;
  3. scarcity (depending on the quantity that is found and the weather conditions that will allow or not to go out for the harvest).

This week price list:


  • truffle size 0-20g: 60£/10g
  • truffle size 20-30g: 70£/10g
  • truffle size 30-50g: 80£/10g
  • truffle size 50-80g: 90£/10g
  • truffle size above 80g: ask for a quotation


  • truffle size 7-15g: 60£/100g
  • truffle size 15g+: 90£/100g

You must always keep in mind that being a natural product, you can never be sure of the number of pieces we find for each size, so the sale will always be in quantity. The requested quantity can be made up of several types of pieces to reach the total ordered.

You don't need to order a minimum quantity of 100g, you can choose your quantity.


Approximately an appetizer, pasta or a main course, require the same amount of truffle.

For an optimal enjoyment, in general we recommend a quantity of white truffle equal to 7/10g per person for each single dish.

The same for the black truffle. The scents of black truffles are less penetrating and intense than white, so it is worth being more generous in terms of quantity and 10g will be the right minimum quantity.

Some ideal combinations and quantity of truffle you will need:

- Tagliolini with truffle: 7/10g of white truffle flakes or 10g of black truffle flakes

- Butter eggs with truffle: 7g of white truffle flakes or 10g of black truffle flakes

- Beef tartare with truffle: 7g of white truffle or 10g of black truffle flakes

Never cook the truffle: enjoy the flavor of your truffle by adding it only at the end of cooking.


Storage tips: keep in the refrigerator, not at too low temperatures (from 5 ° to 15 °), inside the polystyrene boxes with which it will be delivered. It is essential that no humidity, mould or freezing are created.

Each piece must be individually wrapped in absorbent kitchen paper. The small pieces can also be wrapped together, in twos or threes.

The absorbent paper must be changed every 24 hours.

The white truffle is at its best for consumption within a week of harvesting.

The black truffle is at its best for consumption within 15 days of harvesting.

Order your fresh truffles now