Cow Unsmoked Caciocavallo Cheese from Campania (Approx. 650g)



Product Description

A classic, stretched curd cheese, our caciocavallo is soft yet sharp in flavour with a toothsome bite. Moulded by hand into a pear shape, the cheeses are paired, tied with string and placed over a horizontal stick or branch to cure in a cool room. It is thought the name (it translates as "cheese on horseback") hails from a time when the caciocavello was traditionally transported slung over the saddles of soldiers.

This cheese, originally from upper Molise, is an important one in Italian food culture, almost as much so as Parmigiano or mozzarella. Perfect for sandwiches, salads or any baked dish where melted cheese is called for, you can also try it stuffed inside filo pastry with some tomatoes, shaved over pasta, cut into wedges or simply grilled.