Paglieri Felce Azzurra Fabric Conditioner


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Product Description

Italians of all generations might remember the scent of Felce Azzurra as a shower gel in their Italian families home. Find the unique, inimitable scent of Felce Azzurra, the Italian for Blue Fern, in this fabric conditioner with its new formula that will soften and scent your clothes like no other conditioner. We can assure you it will make your Nonna proud!

Top Notes: orange, pine, rose
Middle Notes: lavender, patchouli, petit grain
Base Notes: musk, lemongrass

Felce Azzurra, has conquered Italy's ears, minds and noses with its unique smell hand has entered the collective imaginations of various generation with its powerful brand: the light blue of the packaging, the symbolic fern and a formula that has been passed down in a notebook from father to son. Their mission is to use perfume as a path to well-being with a product line that ranges from body care to laundry and home cleaning.