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    Avogado (each)

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    Unlike many fruits that typically have a sweet or acidic taste, avocados have a smooth, buttery consistency and a rich flavour. A popular use is as a salad fruit. Avocados are also processed into guacamole and can be used in sandwich spreads. Avocado paste with flavour extracts and skim milk can also be used to make an ice cream.

    Oil extracted from avocados can be used for cooking and preparation of salads, sauces and marinades. Avocado oil also can be used for skin care products such as sunscreen lotions, cleansing creams, and moisturizers, or for hair conditioners and makeup bases.

    Avocados are often eaten with soy sauce or grated horseradish in Japan. In Europe, avocados are generally served as an appetizer with mayonnaise or salad dressing, or are filled with a seafood cocktail.

    Avocados have 1.6 times as much potassium as bananas. A 3.5 oz serving has about 177 calories, contains no cholesterol, and has about 0.6 oz of fat, which is primarily the monounsaturated type. Nutrient values vary by cultivar.


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    Avogado (each)

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