Marchisa Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)



Product Description

Cold Extracted from Ottobratica olives picked and crushes within 24 hours. Recommended with fish, salads and meat. Marchisa is a cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil made exclusively from Italian olives, all cultivated on the Toraldo estate. Our olive groves are located only 2 km from Tropea, 'Pearl of the Tyrrhenian' at Brattiro, where we grow our Ottobratica cultivar: the balanced flavour of our extra-virgin olive oil is due to the expertise and attention we give to pruning our trees and maturing our olives.
When it comes to aroma, our olives have a light fruitiness with a distinctive grassy element of freshly cut herbs and are also characterised by their sweet aftertaste, giving the oil pronounced yet delicate flavours. The quality of our extra-virgin olive oil comes from the fact that cultivation and pruning of the olives is something carried out by experts. This guarantees optimum distribution of the fruit on the branches, as well as better aeration and light to the plant - both crucial conditions for growing olives to perfection.