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      Mulino Bianco Classic Piadelle (300g)

      Mulino Bianco
      VAT included

      Mulino Bianco traditional Piadella is a great base to make sandwiches a little bit more interesting! It is soft flat bread that can be used in many different ways - wraps, heated or just plain.
      It can be sweet or savoury - two different ideas are with soft cheese and smoked salmon or tomato, mozzarella and basil. If you wanted to make a sweet one you could just fill it with bananas and Nutella... The choices are endless!
      It literally takes a minute to heat up in a frying pan.

      "00" wheat flour, water, pure pork lard, salt, yeast (disodium disphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch).

      Mulino Bianco

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      Mulino Bianco Classic Piadelle (300g)

      VAT included

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