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    Ace Bathroom Spry: anti limescale no bleach (500 ml)

    VAT included

    Experience a clean like never before with Ace's Bathroom Brilliance Anti-Limescale formula, now available without bleach. Specially designed to tackle the unique cleaning challenges of the bathroom, this powerful formula removes limescale, soap scum, and other stubborn stains without the harshness of bleach.

    Suitable For:

    Bathtubs, Showers, Tiles ,Faucets, Usage Tips:

    Simply apply a moderate amount of Ace Bathroom Brilliance onto the surface you wish to clean. Use a sponge or cloth to scrub away grime and limescale. Rinse thoroughly. No harsh bleach means it's gentler on surfaces while still offering effective cleaning.

    Key Features:

    - Anti-Limescale: Effectively combats the buildup of limescale, which is common in bathrooms.

    - Bleach-Free: Gentle yet effective formula that doesn't include the harshness of bleach, making it safe for a variety of surfaces.

    - Multi-Surface: Ideal for cleaning various bathroom surfaces such as bathtubs, showers, tiles, and faucets.

    - Quick and Effective: Designed to work quickly, removing stubborn stains and leaving your bathroom looking sparkling clean.

    With Ace Bathroom Brilliance, you get an effective, bleach-free cleaning solution that leaves your bathroom surfaces looking and smelling fresh.

    5%-15% oxygen based bleaching; 5% tensioattivi anionicim tensioattivi non ionici, fosfonati, perfums, benzylsalicylate, butylphenyl methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal.


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    Ace Bathroom Spry: anti limescale no bleach (500 ml)

    VAT included

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