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    Spontex Spugna 4+2 (6pz)

    VAT included

    For washing up and wiping down, the Essentials general purpose sponge scourers are a versatile option for a range of cleaning tasks. The scouring side quickly and efficiently removes stubborn and burnt-on grime, while the soft sponge is ideal for wiping and rinsing for a sparkling clean overall finish.

    Features and Benefits

    • Efficient and versatile, suitable for a range of domestic tasks

    • Available in an assortment of colours for colour-coding cleaning areas

    • Strong and durable for an economic choice


    • For the best results thoroughly rinse each sponge before and after use

    • Not suitable for non-stick pans and delicate surfaces

    • If unsure test on an inconspicuous area before use


    Data sheet

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    Spontex Spugna 4+2 (6pz)

    VAT included

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