Beef Celtic Chianina Carpaccio (Approx. 100g)



Product Description

Quality control at Nifeislife has become our mantra. Whilst our fresh meats come from the UK's experts of HG Walter, our Carpaccio and our Bresaola of Chianina meat come from the Brianza region of Lombardy, in Italy. The producer, Marco d'Oggiono Prosciutti, is a family run business based in Oggiono, right next to Lecco. The ham maker started business in 1945 and traditionally preserves the original recipes for their raw hams. In 2014, this Prosciutto Maker has received a special prize from the Expo 2015 and the Lombardy Region committee as a "Land re-Innovator" and is so amongst what we call the top 10 "Eccellenze Lombarde" i.e. Lombardy's finest.

We call it "Celtic" to define an ancient type of smoking technique that is used to lightly smoke meats and cold cuts. For those of you who don't know, Chianina is a certified fresh type of meat (in Italy it is strictly regulated by a Ministry Decree Aut. Min.IT003ET) and is amongst the finest, most gourmets and oldest beef ranges in Italy. Carpaccio in itself is a fresh raw cut from "vitellone" i.e. A hybrid between beef and calf. This specific product will be a revelation: sweet and velvety with an intriguing melting taste. The incredibly light smoking offers it a trace of flavours from the woods.

Preserve in the fridge and follow the expiry date on the packaging. All our Carpaccio is prepared in fresh bags exclusively. We do not vacuum pack it to preserve its freshness.

There is no alternative to Carpaccio. In the summer it's a fresh but substantial dish, with parmesan shavings and rocket (and a sprinkle of olive oil and lemon). In the winter-time it feels like strong raw meat but with a much lighter taste. Easy to make and incredibly fast, some even use it as a starter. A tip? You can make incredible meat rolls by rolling up carpaccio slices, as they are considerably thinner than any other cuts. Think about it!

Choose Carpaccio if you are looking for a fast meal to prepare, and for a unique cut that is generally not sold in the UK. It might be considered alternative to mince tartare or to an extent to cold cuts, prosciutti and all sort of sliced hams, but of course in our case we see it as a fresh meat.