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Finocchiona IGP Gran Riserva (Approx. 1.7kg)




Product Description

A world famous Tuscan salame whose name derives from the wild fennel seeds that go into making it; its flavour is enriched by the addition of a generous splash of chianti. According to local myth, finocchiona was created after a thief hid some stolen salami in a field of fennel. When the hoard was recovered by its owners, they found that the pungent fennel aroma had added a delicious aftertaste to their salami that impressed all who ate it, and the rest is history. It is also said that unscrupulous winemakers would often serve this powerful salame to prospective buyers to disguise the taste of their not-so-great wine. True tales or not, this is an impressively tasty and unique salame that we think you'll love.

With its big flavours, finocchiona is a fabulous accompaniment for a full-bodied red wine or equally powerful cheese.