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    Buffalo Mozzarella DOP/PDO from Battipaglia 1x500g

    VAT included

    We are proud to offer Artisanal Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP – artisanally produced by Caseificio Jemma and using only high quality raw milk from our buffaloes fed with fresh fodder produced in the province of Battipaglia in Campania. Shaped as a beautiful round pearly white appearance and is firm, but elastic when it is eaten.
    The result is a product that makes every "bite" a real experience to remember. Our Artisanal Buffalo Mozzarella is suitable for all who love excellent taste, unmatched quality, and honesty of Italian traditions. Produced by the talented Caseificio Jemma which takes pride in their artisanal production methods. The great attention given to animal welfare and the purity of the milk they produce is what makes this Campania Buffalo Mozzarella so exceptional.The expertise, experience and passion of the Caseificio Jemma means that the production of mozzarella is artisanal and the highest quality.
    Storage: Keep the product at room temperature closed in the package with its preserving liquid.

    They arrive fresh from Battipaglia twice a week every Monday and every Thursday.

    Buffalo milk, salt, rennet


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    Buffalo Mozzarella DOP/PDO from Battipaglia 1x500g

    VAT included

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