De Cecco Fusilli Wholemeal Pasta (500g)



Product Description

All the De Cecco wholemeal pasta is made according to the original De Cecco system, a special method to obtain the wheat meal and use the low temperature desiccation to preserve all the fiber proprieties, mingling to the sweet fragrance of the wheat and thus reaching your table.
Fusilli belong to the very short straight cut pasta family they originate from Campania, a region in South Italy. In ancient times Fusilli were hand made according to a method handed down from mother to daughter, which consisted in twisting a "spaghetto" long thread of pasta, around on a knitting needle with a swift movement of a clever hand. This kind of ability reminded the movement of the spinning machine. In fact the word "fusillo" comes from "fuso", spindle, the rod the spinners used to work with.

Very tasty with ragù napoletano and ricotta sauces. Excellent also with tomato vegetable sauces with peppers, aubergins, olives and capers.

Cooking Time: 11 minutes